Old MacDonald Had A Farm



…and on the farm he had a MONKEY!

After work mommy and daddy took me to Lincoln Park Zoo which was a roaring success! My parents know me just too well! I was fascinated by the elements of animal life. Seeing them eat and where they live was just a hoot! My favorite place is the “monkey house” and the aquarium. Dad even encouraged me to imitate a monkey which helped me practice my mimicry skills. Mommy kept me busy too. She asked me things like: “How does the llama smell?” Stinky, obviously, but I couldn’t say it so I cringed my nose instead. All these activities encouraged my senses which truly is a lot fun.

Mommy & daddy – I love you. Thank you for this awesome day!

To learn more about Lincoln Park Zoo (Hint: It’s free, in case you didn’t know this already, yes, all of you non-Chicagoan’s!) click here.


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