Pee Wee Sports

Dunk it.


Want a ball? Oh, I sure do! A basketball that is!

It’s not only fun but it helps my growth and development as well. Motor skills are essential and what’s the best way to achieve these skills? Playing basketball with my daddy! He’s just awesome! The other day he taught me how to dunk the basketball by lifting me all the way up to the hoop! I love throwing the ball into the basket! I get so excited I start clapping my hands! I always make sure that mommy watches me too! Mommy always gives me a big smile which cheers me on even more! But I don’t just like throwing balls, nope, I love kicking too!

So, mommies and daddies: Keep introducing your little one to kicking and throwing a ball (and lots of other objects, authorized or not!). It builds motor skills by challenging your little one to throw and/or kick.

Below are some of my favorite toys (toys I can strongly recommend since I’m a toddler and not a grown-up!).

1. Little Tikes Easy Score Basketball Set – click here to purchase. $39.99

2. Babies R Us Complete Ball Squirtees – click here to purchase. $5.99

3. Stats Big Fun Soccer Goal Set – click here to purchase. $19.98


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