Eating Out With Your Toddler

Check, please!


I agree it’s hard for us toddlers to sit still at a restaurant and as a parent it makes you often wonder:  “How can we avoid a dining disaster”? Well, from a toddler’s perspective I can strongly recommend sticking to family-friendly restaurants only. It’s that simple.

My parents and my godparents took me to ‘Bluegrass’, a family-friendly restaurant in Highland Park, IL. There’s absolutely no pressure on you to sit still and you’ll be surrounded by other families which is nice! I won’t be the only noisy child in the room! Hooray!

Therefore, dear parents, please don’t be afraid to take your child to a restaurant. Ask your friends and family for recommendations of places where they feel comfortable eating with their kids. Or simply call ahead and check with the restaurant’s atmosphere, etc. Also, make sure they offer a kid’s menu or do it like me: Eat together with your parents! I enjoy making a mess out of their meal!


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