I Love You, Mommy!

Love is in the air.


I’m 20 months old and truth to be told:  I still have my own set of love language, expressing my love for mommy and daddy in many different ways.

One of them are through meltdowns and/or temper tantrums. You think: “Oh, that’s nice!”

Right…, it’s not a pleasurable sight but I am saying ‘I Love You’. I wouldn’t show this side to anyone else but to my parents. Simply because I don’t feel as secure and comfortable around others. So, next time you see me throw a fit – remember what I’m trying to tell you: “Mommy, I love you! I feel secure with you because you love me!”

We might be little and not as well-spoken as you, yes, YOU, i.e. grown-ups, but let’s face it: Our meltdown’s are special (!) because you’re the only ones we can let our guard completely down and release our strongest emotions to.

Another way of expressing our love for you? This one is fun and you will probably agree! Our attempt to imitate you! Yes, there’s nothing else in the world I enjoy more but imitate my daddy. He makes the funniest faces, and he’s phenomenal in animal sounds! I imitate him all the time! As the saying goes, ‘Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery’.

Last but not least, and the most obvious of them all is when I lean in to give my mommy and daddy a kiss. I love giving them kisses!

That being said, dear parents, make sure that you cherish these moments while you have them, because we grow out of that stage before you know it.

3 thoughts on “I Love You, Mommy!

  1. A friend of mine referred me to this site and I love it! Love this article! Sometimes you forget that when your toddler screams and acts all funny that it’s simply because they can! They feel secure! Great article! Thanks!

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