Toddler Play Ideas

Summer Fun.


Today’s topic is ‘summer fun’ and what you can do to entertain your little one during these months! My choice of summer play?

Playing with rocks! You might ask yourself: “How do you turn this every day, everywhere available natural item into creative ways to entertain your child?”

Well, my daddy showed it to me and I will tell you all about it! There are many ways to make it interesting and fun!

Have you ever created a face out of rocks? I’m certain you have! Mommy and daddy are currently teaching me how to be creative with rocks, leaves and dirt. I love digging through dirt (that’s the boy in me!) and making funny faces! Therefore, daddy showed me how to create a ‘funny face’ out of rocks! Our creation looks a lot like a monkey, don’t you think?

Exploring is a lot fun – with supervision, of course- and it’s important for our emotional, social, and physical development. Little things like this can help us learn more about the world and how it works. It’s one thing to see a rock, but it’s another to hold it in your hand, feel it’s cool, smooth surface and smell its earthly fragrance. Mommy and daddy keep it even more interesting by asking me things like: “What color is it? Is it big or little”?

And there you have it, dear parents: As little as playing with rocks – this can be an important stepping stone to our emotional, social, and physical development. So, let’s not shy away! Let’s have some fun!

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