Spending Quality Time With My Family


Toddlers are known for being fun, smart, full of energy, and prone to tantrums and often parents ask:

“How do you spend quality time with your toddler?”

Make it fun. We might have a short attention span but believe me – there are tons of activities you can do with us. Such as play. Sounds easy, right? Well, truth to be told this is all we want to do. Quality time can be achieved by just being in the same room together, watching us play with toys, …or take us on a stroll at the beach like I did with my parents last weekend. My parents always make it fun which is why I love them so much.

Be a clown occasionally. You don’t need any special make-up, just be silly with us! There’s nothing else we enjoy more but to laugh together!

Pretend Play. My daddy is probably the best cookie monster imitator!

Reading Time. I simply love it when mommy and daddy read to me! I always sit on their lap which is probably the most comfortable place in the world!

One-on-one is important. Sometimes our activities together are nothing spectacular, but my parents always make sure that they give me their full attention!

Last but not least…

Give your kids the ultimate gift of time. Don’t let work or anything else come in between you and your child. We need and want you to be with us.

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