Toddler and Pets

Pets are good friends.


I love my puppies Cali & Mylo very much! My small companions and I have a special kind of relationship. We play together, and every so often we nap together as well. There are wide-ranging benefits having pets around! Pets help us teach responsibility, and maybe even empathy. Studies have shown that children who have pets in their life are also more compassionate towards others, develop patience and can be socially stimulated earlier in life.

Are you looking for a peaceful (and safe) kingdom of pets and kids? If so, below are my three basic pet-safety rules to keep your tot from getting nipped and scratched:

  • Teach us to be gentle to pets. Never allow us to drag our pets by their tails, etc. Sneaking around is a no-no also! Teach us to approach our pooch and/or cat from the side — not from behind.
  • Calmness counts.  Teach us to trade our outside voice for our inside voice when we’re around our pets since often times jumping and yelling can rile up a doggie and even cause him/her to snap.
  • Dogs and cats don’t like hugs and kisses (but my puppies do!). I’ve noticed this especially on cats. They don’t like being patted on the head either. Even a tiny hand looming above can feel threatening to them. Demonstrating us how to gently stroke your pet along his back or side is important.

 Here’s to happy days together!


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