Exploring Nature

I’m an adventure tyke!

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I’m a firm believer that you’re never too young to start exploring nature and more importantly enjoying it! Parents often doubt themselves thinking it’s impossible to take us on a hike or you might wonder how exactly you go on exploring nature with a toddler.

Below are my favorite ways to enjoy nature:

  • Let us explore and touch nature. My parents always let me explore nature, i.e. they let me touch the trees, smell the flowers and so on.
  • Let us play with dirt. I love playing with dirt! Don’t be afraid when we’re getting dirty and/or messy – it’s all good! Let us dig, toss and wet it, whatever – just don’t be afraid!
  • Let us seek out sticks. Sticks invite us to imaginative play! I sometimes use it as a fishing pole and pretend daddy and I are going fishing! It’s so much fun!
  • Let us hunt for rocks. Rocks are perfect for little hands like mine. They come in all different shapes and sizes! My favorite activity with rocks? I enjoy putting them in a bucket before taking them out again.
  • Let us spend time around water. The beach is awesome! Water invites us to nature play and discovery!
  • Let us plant a garden together. Mommy and daddy planted tomatoes and strawberries in our backyard and I was a big help when we planted them! ‘Til this day I still enjoy watering them and even more so, harvesting the goodies once they’re grown!

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