Water Play with Toddlers

Summer is here! Time to have fun!


There are many ways to enjoy water play with us – in the bath tub, at the beach or at the water fountain! Playing with water stimulates our senses, and encourages us to communicate, imagine, socialize, and experiment.

Mommy and daddy had me play with the water fountain which was a lot of fun since there is no right or wrong to play in the water! My parents introduced me to new vocabulary (while playing with the water) as well, such as: Wet, dry, float, sink, warm, hot, cold, pour, splash, stir, scoop, slippery, empty, full, heavy, light, scrub, wash, swim…To enhance these words they kept repeating them; for instance they said things like: “The water is cold. Feel it? Water. It’s cold.”

That being said: Summer is here! Take us out to have some fun; there are many other ways to enjoy water play too (below are my favorites):

  • Water the flowers with a hose, spray bottle, or watering can!
  • Running through the sprinkler!
  • We like to pretend to be adults, so we like to use water and rags to help you “clean” something outside, such as outdoor furniture or the swing set. Or let us pretend to be artists and “paint” the fence or sidewalk with water and a large paintbrush!

Whatever way you choose to use water with your child, I can guarantee you that we’ll just enjoy spending time with you!


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