Importance of Early Childhood Friendships


Who says toddlers aren’t able to develop friendships early on? Friendships, the bonds that we develop with other tots, brings pleasure, comfort, sometimes distress, and almost always new exciting opportunities to learn and develop in a social world.

In fact, establishing relationships with other children is one of the major development tasks in our early childhood! Friends, beginning in toddler stage, can help us feel good about ourselves, help us adapt more easily to early childhood environments and help us build self-confidence. I love playing with other tots! My buddy Grayson and I enjoy playing together! We didn’t even squabble over his toys!

That being said, dear parents, please don’t underestimate the value of our early friendships. They help us support our emotional and social development and our understanding of the world!

Here’s to friends!

8 thoughts on “Importance of Early Childhood Friendships

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