Sensory Play with Sand

Learning for Toddlers.


Do ya’ll know that sand is actually a toy?! In fact, the less a toy does the more a tot like me will learn! Sand is such a great sensory toy as we explore our senses of touch and play! My parents took me to the beach (once again!) so I can discover the wonderful texture of sand! I spent many hours playing in the sand which was wonderful because it encouraged my imaginative play!

That being said – there are many benefits letting us play with sand, such as:

  • Development of fine motor skills
  • Eye & hand coordination
  • Creativity and imagination
  • Sensory skills
  • Language development (playing with sand is a social activity that requires speaking and listening)

You see, playing with sand has a lot of benefits… What hinders you from taking your tot(s) to the beach?! Let’s get ready and have some fun!


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