UNO for Toddlers

Use UNO as a teaching tool for toddlers!

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Did you know that UNO is for toddlers too? In fact, we can learn from the card game! Mommy and daddy let me play with the cards this week and it only took a little modification in regards to ‘how to actually play it’.

UNO cards come in primary and secondary colors. First my parents had me organize the cards by its colors (red, yellow, blue and green) followed by counting them (UNO cards range from 0 to 9). It was a lot fun and I must say that UNO is a fun learning tool; reinforcing my recall of colors and numbers, as well as being a great preparation for pre K!

Happy playing and don’t forget to teach us to yell “UNO”!


3 thoughts on “UNO for Toddlers

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