A Mother’s Love

The Power of a Mother’s Love.


My mommy is my best friend. She often tells me that she loves me more than life itself.  Her love is a bond that connects us together, even before my birth. My mom is one of a kind – showing her love for me in a million different ways every day.

I would like thank and applaud all of you mother’s out there for your never-ending supply of unconditional love. I know that if I was to destroy my mommy’s most prized possession – she would still have a smile on her face because she loves me more than any possession.

My mommy would jump into a fire to save me or run a thousand miles to be with me if I needed her.

Indeed, dear mothers, this is what you do! Your love doesn’t come to an end! Without you we are nothing, in fact, we wouldn’t even exist if it wasn’t for you – and yet – all you want from us are the simple words, I Love You.

This one is for you, mommy…I love you. Always and forever.

And to all the mom’s and care taker’s reading this: You are beautiful! Thank you for your precious love and care.


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