Celebrating Independence Day with Your Toddler

The fourth of July is upon us…


Independence Day means outdoor barbeque or a great picnic with your family! My godparents Bubbe and Opa thought of a nice gathering to kick off summer and to celebrate Independence Day! We went to Glenview’s Park District to ensure a day packed with fun, excitement, enthusiasm and to create my first of many memories of this historic holiday, of course!

My godparents chose a nice location for our picnic as well, right next to the sand for us tots to play in! I had such a wonderful time playing in the sand and making new friends! The food was outstanding too! Opa had me try his deer sausage (which he hunted himself by the way!) and lots of other goodies!

Around 9:00PM the park district started the fireworks which was so beautiful! I wasn’t scared at all, in fact, I was in awe! Daddy said that I was the only tot jumping all over the place during the fireworks but what can I tell you?! I’m 21 months  old – that’s what we do!

Tell me: How was your 4th of July?


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