Relaxing With Your Toddler

If you want to help your tot to relax, then find a way to help them laugh—a lot!


There’s nothing better than spending quality time with your parents which should be filled with lots of laughter!

Parents always think that ‘how lovely it would be if all you needed to do to help your tot(s) relax was to have them take three deep breaths’. Well, it doesn’t really work that way with us! We move around throughout our days, we even come into contact with challenging experiences that frustrates us which may then lead to a build-up of tension until that tension can be released. Perhaps we couldn’t communicate what we wanted, or we tried to but our cues were misinterpreted again and again and again. That being said – laughter is the solution! Always! It helps us relax and takes away our anxieties.

Now, helping your tot laugh is an art – I understand. But let me assure you: Silliness always helps! My parents and I goof around most of the time! Or they take me out and let me engage in physical exercise (such as taking me to the beach where I can go wild and run around!). It gets me tired out easily and hence I relax later on.

Let us explore and run around (with supervision, of course or even better – run with us!) because it builds emotional intelligence, improves social skills, boosts morality, increases physical fitness, deepens the parent-child relationship and brings joy to our life. What’s not to love about that!


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