Raising A Happy Toddler

Simple Routines, Happy Toddlers.


Every parent wants to raise a happy toddler, but have you ever wondered what it takes?

Summer is perfect – it is probably some of the best times of the year for many families! Less rush, fewer demands and looser schedules bring an ease that benefits parents as much as children.

My parents encourage lots of sensual and physical play such as playing in the sand and water; or we build houses from pillows and roll on the floor! Anything silly that involves our body makes us happy because it engages our senses! It delights us and stimulates our imagination at the same time!

That being said – do everything you can to maintain your own good sense of humor! As a parent that means to limit stress, getting enough rest, dropping housework standards, doing only what’s essential or fun! I’ve mentioned this before but truly the greatest gift you can give us is spending quality time together! We simply enjoy your loving presence! To achieve this, you must also take care of yourself!

Last but not least – my parents stick to routines. I have my set nap and sleep (aka ‘night’) times. We need routines to flourish, no kidding!

Here’s to Happy Parenting!


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