Teaching Your Toddler To Swim

Let’s take a plunge!


Teaching toddlers how to swim can be great fun and a good exercise for you (the parents)! But when do you start and how do you do it? I’ve got some tips that will have your tot swimming like a fish in no time!

First of all, it’s never too early to introduce us to water! My parents and I love the beach (and luckily we live close by it)! My dad does a pretty good job taking me into the lake – yet, I don’t swim by myself, of course! I’m too little still! However, he holds me tight and lets me float! Playing in the water is so much fun – it helps with our muscle development, improves our coordination and fine motor skills!

Below is my guide to help you teach your toddler to swim:

  • Choose a relaxed place (i.e. not too busy) so you can focus on us only !
  • To boost our confidence, hold us close, keep eye contact and talk to us (we appreciate praising too!)
  • Hold us floating on our back and encourage us to kick the water (my favorite!)
  • Teach us to blow bubbles in the water, this helps us learn how not to inhale all the water

NOTE: If your tot is not keen to water – please, be sure to make bath times fun, so your little one(s) will associate fun with water! That’s really important! Also don’t forget to be positive and encouraging!

Happy Swimming!


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