Mother Son Relationship

It has been known for centuries that mothers and sons share a special bond.


Do you wonder if a mother’s relationship with her son is all that different than her relationship with her daughter?

Well, the old adage “like father, like son” needs a bit correcting, if you ask me. How about “like mother, like son”? For the mother-son connection determines to a great extent not only what sons think about themselves but also what they think about women in general. You’ve heard of the saying that the “best way to determine the quality of a man is to evaluate his relationship with his mother”. Here you have it…

My mommy and I share a very special bond with each other.

My relationship with my mom is based on consistency, patience, and emotional closeness, which are important for all babies (and is the same process for boys and girls). Yet I am both very attached to my mom and my dad. I feel very secure and loved from both of them.

But saying that mothers shouldn’t keep their sons close is nonsense because it is a fact that moms who keep their sons close are setting them up for success later in life, both in personal relationships and at work.

This being said – mommies (and daddies), continue to love us and “baby us” because you can never love us too much, right?

Let the love shine!


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