Piggy-Back Rides

…and why we love dads!


My daddy is awesome because he’s the best when it comes to piggy-back rides! Parents often hesitate to give us a piggy-back ride (because we seem so little and ‘fragile’) but numerous studies actually confirm how good these rides are for us (we need the ongoing physical contact with our parents). As social creatures, we never outgrow our need for physical touch!

However, if we get too heavy – you might want to opt for the Piggyback Rider (available around $80). It’s ideal for getting toddlers off their feet, out of the stroller without killing dad’s back. The Piggyback Rider allows dads and moms to wear it on their back much like a backpack! All you need to do is to strap it on your shoulders (we stand on a bar situated about your belt loop height). Once we hold on to the loop straps (right by your shoulders) and you stand up – we’re ready to go! It’s that easy!

A big hooray to piggy-back rides!

2 thoughts on “Piggy-Back Rides

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