Enjoying The Summer With Your Toddler

There is no place like the pool on a hot summer day!


We have triple-digit temperatures in the Chicago area right now and what’s the best way to cool off? The pool, of course! After work mommy and daddy got my mini pool out so I can play and splash! Although my pool is small, a number of fun activities can be set up for us! My mommy encouraged me to stand up and simply stomp my feet in the water or we played with my rubber ducks! Another fun idea would be to have a variety of objects on the pool floor, such as pennies, small toys or rocks. Set an egg timer to see how many objects your toddler(s) in the pool can pick up with their feet and pass on to their partner (either you or a friend) outside of the pool in the allotted time.

Happy playing and don’t forget to stay cool!

One thought on “Enjoying The Summer With Your Toddler

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