Toddler Exploring Flowers

Flower adventure!


I admire flowers, and as a parent, you can teach us more about flowers too, such as observing them together, collecting them and/or pressing interesting flowers with us!

Living things are amazing (I’m fascinated with nature!) and knowing that some animals depend on flowering plants for food, water and shelter is pretty interesting! Learning about these relationships begins with observing diversity between and among flowers and other living things.

Activities Exploring Flowers With Your Toddler

  • Observing and Collecting: Encourage us to look at the flowers closely, help us notice the colors, shapes, and textures of their different parts!
  • Comparing Flowers: Invite us to smell the flowers! Does it have a smell? We may be surprised to learn that not all flowers have strong scents!
  • Pressing Flowers: You need flowers and a heavy book (a phone book, for instance). Press the flowers soon after picking by placing them into a book. You might want to place the flower gently on a newsprint, add more newsprint on top, and close the book. (Use several layers of newsprint to ensure that no pigment from the flower seeps into the book.) Leave it there for several days. Later on you can examine the flower with us! Has it changed? How fun to find out!

Here’s to Flower Power!

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