Toddlers First Camera

Click, click!


I began to develop a fascination with electronic devices, from my mommy’s IPad to my daddy’s professional camera! I love it all! During our vacation to the Niagara Falls my daddy even let me take pictures with his camera (sorry, dad – I don’t think you’ll ever see your camera again!).

Yet I still wanted my very own camera…so I went ahead and did some research (which is not an easy task for a 22-month-old toddler)! First, the choice of camera’s available for tots like me! There are several pre-school cameras on the market and I was driving myself crazy with needs vs. specifications! At the end I got so tired of researching that I simply went ahead and ordered a camera at Amazon. My parents helped me pick a camera we both agreed on; thus we ended up with Fisher Price Kid-Tough Digital Camera for Boys.

I cannot wait to take some pictures of my favorite animals! A zoo visit to Milwaukee is planned!

To be continued…stay tuned!


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