Toddler Meets Underwater World

Visit to the Aquarium!


To give me a glimpse of the underwater world my parents decided to take me to the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago.

From drinking fountains to rain puddles, I am simply fascinated by water! Taking me to the Aquarium was the best choice yet; it seemed like the place was specially made for me, with windows low to the ground so I can pipsqueak on marine life without needing a boost!

Besides all the fun I had with fish-watching, I also got a chance to learn more about colors (“the seahorse is black and white”); and my parents were able to coach me some basic biology (“that baby fish is small now, but he’ll grow just like you have!”).

It was such a wonderful day! Thank you, Shedd Aquarium for this great experience! I added fishes to my favorite animals now!

Happy Exploring!


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