Toddler Reading Time

The Importance of Reading.


Studies show that toddlers with active exposure to language have social and educational advantages over their peers — and reading is one of the best exposures to language. My parents started reading to me since I was born (which is probably why I have such a fascination with books).

Reading to us sets the foundation for later independent reading as well. We learn from you – so being a good example, i.e. role-model is essential. Luckily, both of my parents are big book advocates so reading occurs quite often at our house. Yet there is much more to books. It’s like going on an imaginary adventure. We love to explore books.

But then there are days where it really isn’t about the words, the story, or the sound of your voice. Nor about the pictures. It can be just as simple as the physical book itself! Little tots like me have the ability to use all of our senses to take in a book – which is why it’s so important – to keep your mind open to all of the possibilities with us!

Happy Reading!

2 thoughts on “Toddler Reading Time

  1. Agreed! and they can learn so much just by holding the book (book handling skills: the proper way to hold and read a book…) and what the cover page is… where to find the author names… etc…these are skills that come in handy when they get to kindergarden! 🙂 Way to go!

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