Your 23-month old Toddler

Exploding vocabulary!


My current vocabulary includes at least 20 words that I can say clearly (and many more that are harder to understand), and I can also utter a few sentences , like “What’s that?” or  “All gone”.


With our advanced vocabulary it certainly is a great time to introduce us to stories with a wider range of objects so we can discover new things (you already know that reading to us is one of the best ways to boost our language skills!). My parents often read to me in a way that includes ‘pausing’  – so, they can ask me questions about the book (“What is the kitty doing?”, “Where is the boy?”) as well.


I’ve been very creative these days! My parents encourage “unstructured” play, such as giving me a set of blocks to let me build towers or trains, for example, or they give me a puzzle made of just a few pieces so I can have the satisfaction of completing it all by myself!

Mimicking Adult Activities

My god-parents surprised me with the Home Depot Talking Construction Tool Belt Kit .

This construction tool belt kit is a safe, fun and educational toy set; allowing me to mimic the activities my dad does around the house! It’s also very educational because it teaches us about different types of tools and their uses. Hence, if you’re looking for an interactive learning tool that gives your tot the real feel of tackling a project with daddy – click here to purchase the Home Depot Construction Tool Belt Kit.

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