Toddler Block Play

Blocks belong to a toy box of any child!


Playing with blocks is so much fun! During block play I experiment with my muscles, senses, vocabulary and emotions. It encourages me to use my imagination as well! I’m currently obsessed with building towers, but I also enjoy knocking down my tower (once it’s high enough) just to see my blocks fall all over the place!

Listed below are a few activities you can do with your child to support learning:

  • Make a demolition game of knocking down a short tower of blocks (again, my favorite!).
  • Make a game of filling and dumping blocks from a small bucket.
  • Build a short wide tower. Place a small animal on top and cover with a fabric square to make a bed.
  • Add toys (wheel barrow, wagon, shopping cart) to move blocks around and extend learning.
  • Make a tape “road” on the floor to push ”block cars” on.
  • Cut a block-sized hole into a large sturdy box to use as a mail box in a block area.
  • Play “Copy Me.” Arrange two or three blocks simply and see if your child can replicate.

Happy Playing!


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