Tame Your Toddlers Pouty Lip


I may use my lip to indicate frustration, sadness or to get attention.

Why the pouty face?

  • Someone took my favorite toy
  • Mommy and daddy are leaving for work
  • Brushing my teeth
  • Bed time
  • My puppies won’t play with me

These are just a few reasons why I would give my parents the pouty face, yet it seems my parents discovered a way to tame my pouty lip by laughing it off! It’s their favorite method, in fact. They try to distract me by being completely funny and completely unrelated which is followed by an outburst of laughter! It turns my pouty face into a big smile indeed!

Hug that pouty lip goodbye!

Sometimes a pouty-lipped toddler like me needs a hug. Good old comfort never hurt anyone, don’t you agree? So next time you see your tot giving you a pouty lip simply laugh it off or give us some extra love and we’ll put that frown upside down!

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