Teaching Your Toddler

…all about lions!


Lions are one of my favorite animals so, I decided to dedicate today’s date to lions. Rawwwrrrr!

They are such majestic animals and I do believe that I’m a little lion myself! To teach your toddler more about lions please, visit the National Geographic website for kids, (the site provides fun facts about lions and activities for tots like me!).

Now…let’s get started, though!

Today’s Song: Lion King SongsFrom the movie/play. Get us moving and dance with us!

Today’s Story: Little Tiger is Loud: A Book About Using Your Inside Voice by Susan Hood. Let’s practice a good “RAWR” together!

Today’s Snack: Lion Faces. Be creative and make little lion faces from a cracker! All you need is some nut butter and some raisins. Yummy!

Let the fun begin!

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