Sidewalk Chalk Toddler Activity

Summer Fun!


Last weekend was super fun, y’all! My family and I went to the Port Clinton Art Festival in Highland Park, IL.

My god-parents Opa and Bubbe (née Paul and Judy) introduced me to some wonderful art (both of them are big art enthusiasts)! Opa explained various art pieces to me and I quickly developed a taste! I was especially fond of one piece: A huge monkey made out of metal!

But what is an Art Festival without a Family Fun section to express yourself? The Festival provided a Graffiti wall (for toddlers of all ages) which was especially fun! I picked up some chalk right away and started expressing myself on a 16 feet long and four feet high wall! Mommy showed me how to spell out my name and daddy attempted to draw a horse which ended up looking more or less like a sheep or some sort! Daddy is so funny!

What did you do over the weekend?


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