Swimming With Your Toddler



Last night my parents and I visited my mom’s friends house for some “swimming lessons” at their pool. The weather was perfect and the pool was great fun indeed!

We all enjoyed ourselves splashing in the pool and my parents certainly made sure that I was at all times within their arm’s reach. The best way to keep little swimmers like me out of harm’s way is by practicing what the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) calls “touch supervision” — being close enough to reach out and touch your child at all times.

I cannot stress supervision enough. We’re little and can’t be trusted on our own at all (I’m an HONEST TODDLER). Your tot had swimming lessons? Great, but still – be sure to stay close.

Further, you’ll also want to make sure your new swimmer doesn’t swallow too much water while splashing around (something we often do), which could possibly lead to water intoxication, a rare but serious condition resulting from excessive fluid intake. So watch out for gulpers and keep any underwater submersion’s brief.

Here’s to safe fun in the sun!


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