Benefits Of Wooden Toys

Benefits of wooden toys: Durability and safety.


Wooden toys are gems these days because they have become a rarity in today’s society. There are plenty of plastic toys, battery-operated, whiz-bang, noise-making robots and cars, and even video games. But there’s nothing that stirs the imagination in a toddler like a solid, wood toy where the power, the graphics and even the sounds are provided by us alone.

My parents are big advocates when it comes to wooden toys because they know that they are much more durable than any plastic toy will ever be and I couldn’t agree with them more!

At the American Craft Exposition last weekend my god-parents Opa and Bubbe (née Paul and Judy) bought me a little, hand-crafted wooden car (not made in a toxic factory) which made me so happy!

I played with my new, wooden car on the floor while my parents and god-parents walked alongside me (until my pants got so dirty that my parents advised me stop, unfortunately).

But this is what WOOD TOYS are all about: They are designed with imagination as a key ingredient (which means crawling on the floor while playing with your wooden car!).

Happy Playing!

2 thoughts on “Benefits Of Wooden Toys

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