Like Father, Like Son

Father & Son Relationship.


What does it mean to raise a child?

“Raising children truly is one of the central experiences in life, the greatest source of self-awareness, the fountain of pride and joy and the most eternal bond with your partner”, so my parents say.

What’s today’s father’s role like?

Many years ago, father’s weren’t as involved in raising children (it was strictly a mother’s job) but times certainly have changed these days! My dad is just as involved as my mom!

In fact, I call this generation the “New Generation of Nurturers” since both parents nurture, yet nurturing means a lot of things.

What is the meaning of “nurture”?

It includes hugging and kissing your boys—yes, we even need hugs and kisses—on a daily basis, in fact! But it also includes taking care of our daily needs, like cooking for us (my dad is an excellent cook!), giving us baths, playing with us (my daddy is the best tickle monster), reading to us and helping out mommy (with the laundry, for instance).

Further, I have discovered that despite the conventional wisdom that nurturing is primarily mommy’s territory, the root meaning of “nurture” is “to protect,” a role that my dad is certainly comfortable with.

To all the dad’s out there – what is your take on parenting?

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