Happy Family Life

3 Key Ingredients To A Happy Family Life.


God wants your family life to be happy. His Word, the Bible, provides guidelines for each family member, describing the role that God wants each one to play. When family members fulfill their roles in harmony with God’s counsel, the results are very satisfying. Jesus said: “Happy are those hearing the word of God and keeping it!”—Luke 11:28

Our secret to a happy family life?

We enjoy each other.

The essence in our family life is based on how we interact with each other, as well as how we treat each other. My mom says that “joy is characterized by our interaction(s)”. We not only enjoy each other tremendously but we express our love for each other openly as well!

We swap stories.

We love to communicate with each other (especially mommy and I). Mommy and I could babble all day long whereas my dad is more on the quiet side, but again communication is important!

My advice for working parents: Once you’ve left your work place all devices (such as mobile phones, IPAD, etc.) should be turned off. Your attention should be with your family now. Start swapping stories (my parents always ask me about my day at daycare and even though I cannot give them a detailed story, I do appreciate their attention!)

We play together.

Have I mentioned that my parents are my best friends?! My daddy always knows how to make me laugh, and so does my mommy. We’re silly together which is so much fun!

This being said — enjoy your family and treasure your time together!


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