Car Washing Toddler Style

Cleaning can be a fun family activity!


My parents are my favorite people in the world so it’s only natural that I imitate them, and do whatever they do, right?

Over the weekend my daddy washed our family car and he used his time very clever, by teaching me something new (“How to wash a car”) and by spending quality time together as well.

While helping daddy I gained much confidence, in fact, I LOVED it so much I didn’t want to stop cleaning!

Yet I thought to myself: “You better enjoy it now because I won’t guarantee I’ll be like this in my teens!”

Competence builds confidence”.

Toddlers like me gain confidence simply by encouraging us to do and participate in the things you do! This being said: Don’t hesitate to involve us in your daily chores! From home improvement and baking adventures to crafty creations and cleaning projects, it deepens our relationship with you.

I love being my parents’ little helper and cleaning can be especially fun when we get creative! There are a lot of ways to involve us in your projects AND make it FUN at the same time, for instance:

  • Break out a squeegee and let us help you clean showers and windows!
  • Play peek-a-boo with your little tike’s reflection while wiping down mirrors together!

I promise your tot(s) will love it and feel important at the same time!

Happy Cleaning!


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