Your 2-Year-Old Toddler

Welcome to my terrible and TERRIFIC two’s!


I’m officially 2 years old now!

Parenting a 2-year-old can be challenging from crankiness, tantrums to uh-oh potty training BUT it can be terrific at the same time as well! At age 2 (+) we learn incredibly quickly, we’re super-affectionate (I LOVE giving kisses to mommy & daddy), and I must admit: I’m hilariously funny and mucho enthusiastic! If nothing else, this year won’t be anything but boring!

If you ask me “the terrible twos” are a myth. Believe it or not, what makes your 2-year-old so impossible is helping him grow into an independent, awesome person! And think about it…Any child or GROWN PERSON waking up grumpy from a nap is not terrible—it’s only normal!

Happy Two’s!

6 thoughts on “Your 2-Year-Old Toddler

  1. I thought I had escaped the terrible as well… I hope you do escape it… But since 30 months (so, two and a half) my little precious gem has begun to show his devilish side. My friends with four year old boys assure me “this too shall pass” with consistent nurturing and consequences but WOW, it can drive a mommy (and daddy and grandma and papa) to the edge some days… HAPPY TWO’s :)))))

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