Language Development: 2 Year Olds

My new (favorite) two-word sentence: “Cool car!”


Yes, I’m growing by the minute! I not only understand most of what my parents say to me, but I also speak with a rapidly growing vocabulary. Right now I’m into the 2-sentences phase, such as: Nice baby, cool car, nice mommy, all done and/or stop it, etc.

This being said: It is the time for you to pay attention on

  1. how we use language to describe ideas and information and
  2. how we express our physical or emotional needs and desires.

Further, it’s seems human nature to measure your toddler’s verbal abilities against those of other children his/her age, but you should try to avoid this. I’m glad my parents don’t encourage it because let me tell you: Every child is unique in its own way. There is no exact guideline on where your child should be at what stage.

Remember: “Some preschoolers develop language skills at a steady rate, others seem to master words in an uneven manner. And some children are naturally more talkative than others. This doesn’t mean that the more verbal children are necessarily smarter or more advanced than the quieter ones, nor does it even mean that they have richer vocabularies. In fact, the quiet child may know just as many words but be choosier about speaking them. As a general rule, boys start talking later than girls, but this variation—like most others mentioned above—tends to even out as children reach school age.”

Source: Caring for Your Baby and Young Child: Birth to Age 5 (Copyright © 2009 American Academy of Pediatrics)

However, YOU can help enrich his/her vocabulary and language skills by making reading a part of your everyday routine!

Happy Reading!


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