Remnants Of A Sunny Afternoon

Summer Lovin’!


Summer is almost over – so make sure you grab your family and head out to enjoy some sand and surf in the sun before it’s fall!

I already miss a day in the sun and on the sand which always guarantees you a great time to play with your family!

We used to swim, build sand castles together or my dad would bury me in the sand! Summer is a great season because it urged us to be outdoors and try something new and different.

This being said – now is a great time to take your tot(s) out to the beach one more time before it gets too cold. I’ve come up with some fun activities the whole family will enjoy at the beach below!

  1. Beach Tag: Use the whole beach as your playground! To make it extra fun, bring along a water gun to turn it into a game of “Super Soaker Tag.”
  2. Scavenger hunt: Make a list of “treasures” (like shells, pebbles, etc.) for the kids to look for while visiting the beach! You can also make it an activity scavenger hunt so every family member or team has to complete certain.
  3. Sand mini-golf: Stop by your local drug store and pick up some inexpensive plastic golf clubs and balls in the toy aisle or use replacements, like plastic buckets, water bottles, etc. Then build your own golf course! You can also dig holes and create obstacles to make it more challenging.

Happy Playing!


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