The Secret Language of Toddlers

…and what our behaviors really mean.

photoYes, I’ve become quite verbal and opinionated person these days! In fact, I can be quite bossy – I tell my parents where to sit, or what I want to eat. But when it comes to communicating more complex thoughts and emotions in words – I must admit – that I still have ways to go! So, my parents are often forced to interpret my somewhat funny and/or weird behavior! How fun, huh?!

However, I’m providing you with a few hints below to help you decipher the hidden meaning of our common tantrums and body language!

Let’s go…

1. We won’t look you in the eye.

Translation: “I’m embarrassed!”

2. We lift our shirt over our head when we meet a new person.

Translation: “I’m anxious!”

3. We hide when we poop in our diaper.

Translation: “I want some privacy!”

4. Throwing food, hitting, breaking toys.

Translation: “I’m bored”, “I’m tired,” or “I need attention!”

Happy Tuesday!

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