Climbing Toddlers

Up & Beyond.

photoHappy Wednesday, y’all!

I’m quite a climber these days; whenever my parents take me to the playground – they let me explore! They do hover over me but they let me climb up a slide, as well without being too scared!

Overall, I’m a boy who loves to be challenged and have fun at the same time! Yet, often times, parents worry a lot and wonder if they can let their children “let loose” at a playground because let’s face it – we don’t want them to get hurt!

But I say: Try not to go overboard protecting your children from every little bump, scratch, and boo-boo. What’s your take on this?

Should you give your kids more freedom to make mistakes and learn from them?

Comment below and share your thoughts!


2 thoughts on “Climbing Toddlers

  1. Great post!!! Agreed: Children need to be able to learn on their own. Parents who protect their children from every boo-boo aren’t giving them a chance to a) learn on their own, b) experience what a boo-boo feels like and c) learn what’s safe or not!

    PS: Truly enjoy your blog!!

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