Get Your Toddlers Hiking

Nature is calling!

photoHiking is for all ages, from little babies that can be carried, toddlers who can walk and children and teens that can run! To me, being outdoors is the most enriching, rewarding and stimulating experience!

Recently my parents and I heard that ‘children now spend 52 hours a week on electronic devices and only 40 minutes a week outside’. That’s very troubling to me!

I love being outdoors!


1. It helps us connect with wild animals. I love going to the zoo but I would prefer to see an animal out in the wild. It’s important for us to learn about the difference between wild and captive animals and to explore the more natural habitats of wildlife.

2. It allows us to use our senses. We are able to hear, smell, see and feel things we haven’t before!

3. It encourages us to communicate. Daddy and I found a green bug while out hiking and that (!) got me talking up a storm!

4. It gets our body moving. We all know it’s important to stay healthy! Going for a hike is great for your fitness and the best part is that it doesn’t feel like exercise!

5. It gives us the opportunity to connect with nature. You’ll never know every plant; you’ll never know every insect. Seeing the glory – that is nature – drives us to connect with its beauty and understand its harshness.

Happy Exploring!


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