Joys of having Boys

Five joys of having boys!


We are a lot of fun – let me tell you that!

  1. We love our mommies! You’ve heard of the term “mama’s boy”, right? Well, it’s true. I’m a mama’s boy at heart!
  2. We make you feel like a gourmet chef! I pretty much eat whatever daddy and/or mommy cook for me! Mommy says “there’s nothing like having a good eater (me!!) who make you feel like your cooking is actually good, even if you’re making cereal!
  3. We don’t need fancy clothes! Yep, no extravagant wardrobe is necessary when you’re having boys – we’re just as comfortable in diapers and/or PJ’s!
  4. No drama! I might be a young tot still but I can guarantee you that you will have less drama with a boy than with a girl!
  5. We get dirty and love it! Yes, girls find it yucky to get dirty but we love it!

What are your experiences raising boys vs. girls?

I’d love to hear from you!

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