Toddler Exploring the World

Exploring is good!


I’m two years old and therefore full of energy! Though it can be hard to keep up with me every now and then, exploring is good! It helps us grow in important ways and who says that we cannot have quiet moments?

Like the other day, mommy and daddy took me to the park (after work) so we can all watch the sunset together! It was just beautiful (and another great way to expose me to the wonders of the world!).

Watching the sunset was mesmerizing! My parents told me that exposing me to a variety of different adventures is good for my social and emotional growth also. For instance, I’ve learned already that I can explore and yet return to my mommy or daddy whenever I need help. I feel very secure and confident because of the trust I have developed with them!

Further, exploring is vital for our physical growth. We develop coordination in the large muscles used to walk, run, climb and jump. In addition, we gain eye-hand coordination as we learn to manipulate objects.

So, we must move around to learn about their world!



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