Traveling Internationally With Your Toddler

…and what to bring on an airplane!

photoI’ve been traveling with my parents since I was three (3) months old and so far my parents enjoyed it! We have another trip coming up and this time around it can be a bit more exhausting for them since I love to be entertained!

I’m at that age where I want to walk everywhere and (I must admit!) it’s hard to keep me confined to a little space. Further, my attention span is still very short, so my parents have to find ways to keep me entertained – especially on a plane!

Below are my must-have items that will keep me entertained and busy throughout the flight (listen up, mommy & daddy!).

  1. Coloring and Activity Books
  2. Stickers
  3. Toys (cars, stuffed animals)
  4. Mommy’s IPAD (with games, videos, etc. for me)
  5. Snacks
  6. Water, juice

Happy Traveling!

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