Making A Splash In Aruba

Enchantment of the Sea


5 Amazing Caribbean Sea Facts

1. Caribbean name – The interesting story behind the name

My parents taught me that it was Columbus who stumbled across a bunch of islands in the Caribbean region and that he thought he had reached another part of the world. As such, he named those islands ‘West Indies’. However, later Columbus realized that what he had found was a whole new region with its amazing natural resources intact. As such, the name ‘Caribbean’ was later given to it by the Amerindian tribe, the Caribs, hence the name- Caribbean Sea.

2. Size Matters

Did you know that the entire Caribbean region covers an area of 1,063,000 sq. miles?! It covers the entire aquatic region from Mexico to the boundaries of South America.

3. One of the Deepest Seas

Another interesting fact is that the Caribbean sea is just as deep as it is wide. Who knew? Its deepest point is considered to be even lower than a depth of 25,220 ft. or 7,686 m. This makes it one of the lowest points on earth’s surface and one of the deepest seas. Pretty amazing, no?

4. Natural resources and 2% Inhabitation

Only a mere 2% of the land mass is actually inhabited! The rest of the islands are untouched by human civilization. Can you imagine the beauty of these islands?

5. Flora and coral reefs

I didn’t go snorkeling because I’m still too young but I heard from my parents how beautiful the floral and coral species are in the Caribbean Sea. In fact, it hosts one of the most unique floral and coral species in the world!

Source: Marine Insight, Mehnazd


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