Learning a new language!


While in Aruba I’ve learned a few words in Papiamento, the mother-tongue of Aruba. It is considered a language, not a dialect (as we’ve learned). It has evolved from several older languages as most languages today.

The actual name is derived from the Portuguese verb ‘papear’ which means ‘to ramble’ or to speak incoherently, and the word ‘papiamento’ has derived from the French word ‘parler’ (to speak).

Papiamento is a fun language indeed! Below are some of the words/phrases I’ve learned!

Bon bini: Welcome!

Con ta bai? How are you?

Mi ta bon: I’m fine!

Te aworo: Goodbye

Cayente: Hot (weather)

Pica: Hot (spicey)

Bunita: Beautiful

Sunchi: Kiss

Awa: Water



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