Games To Play With Your Toddler

24 – 30 Months

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Winter is on its way, hence, my outdoor fun will be limited due to the cold (I live in Chicago) so my parents and I have to come up with fun play ideas to

  1. Keep me entertained and
  2. To keep me happy.

Below are my favorite games that will guarantee hours of fun, and they encourage my development, too!

Don’t fall in the sea!

My parents and I pretend that the carpet is the sea. Our goal is to reach to the other side of the room without getting our feet wet. We place cushions, magazines and/or paper plates across the floor as stepping stones (because let’s face it: I’m not a rabbit who can jump across a big obstacle!). It is so much fun and it helps build a sense of balance and spatial awareness!

Going on a picnic!

Make an ordinary day more fun by having a picnic for lunch. You don’t need to go out either, just spread a blanket on the sitting-room floor and eat from paper plates. My parents usually prepare finger foods, such as: Mini sandwiches, vegetables sticks, etc. We pretend that we’re somewhere else too (usually somewhere warm and tropical!). I love using my imagination while we make up fun stories!

What are your favorite games?


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