4 Ways Toddlers Say I Love You

Love is in the air…


As parents you already know that we have our own set of love languages and even, though it might be difficult for you to identify them every now and then, please, read on because I’m giving our toddler secrets away!

  1. First of: Be assured that no one (!), really no one – is more important than mommy and daddy.  I feel the most secure with my parents.

  2. Every time I discover something new, such as: “Mommy look! Two birdies!” – it really just means: Give me your attention! I want to share my discovery with you because I love you!

  3. Sometimes – and I must admit – I throw a fit in the mornings because I don’t want to get ready but instead I want to be held by my parents. There’s nothing more I enjoy but to cuddle with them!

  4. Name me one toddler who isn’t a messy eater! Well, I certainly am at given times and you know what? I LOVE to explore and experiment with food and while I create a mess I really just want to share my pleasure with my parents!

If this isn’t love than I don’t know…

Can you think of more ways?

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