Caring For Your Toddlers Teeth



Dear Friends,

I hope you’re all taking care of your toddler’s teeth! Mommy and daddy taught me early on of “The Importance Of Brushing Your Teeth” and now I’m teaching all of my stuffed animals the same, such as Cookie Monster! Cookie Monster eats so many cookies — it’s therefore only beneficial to teach him about the importance of it, don’t you agree?!

In all seriousness, though. To ensure that your toddler’s teeth are strong and healthy, very much depends on what he or she eats. Hence try to eliminate sugary snacks between meals and – believe it or not – that includes raisins! Yes, raisins are high in sugar!

But the most important thing is to make cleaning your toddler’s teeth a habit, i.e. a daily routine!

I clean my teeth twice a day, before breakfast, and after my last drink of the day!




3 thoughts on “Caring For Your Toddlers Teeth

    • That’s all that matters! As long as he loves it! Sometimes singing helps while you take the brush and help him clean his teeth. It’s all about distraction and making it fun! Warm Regards, Kingston & Family

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