Puppy Love

Happy Monday!


I cannot believe that the weekend is already over, can you?!

It has been very cold in Chicagoland which resulted in limited outdoor fun this past weekend. We used the time to spend quality time indoors, though. For instance, we watched “The Croods” on DVD together (which I can strongly recommend by the way – it is a fun movie!), reading books AND taking naps together (turns out my parents need a nap during the day too!).

Yet a highlight was that my Silky Terrier, Cali, took a nap with me! You wonder: ”OK, why is this great news?!” Well, do you have dogs in your household? If you do –  then you know how hard it can be to introduce your furry children to your baby and/or toddler(s), right?

Yes, our puppies weren’t too fond of me at first, especially Cali, but she warmed up lately, in fact, she snuggled up to me when I took a nap on Saturday!

Can you share some stories? I’d love to hear from you!




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