How To Make Dinner Time Enjoyable

Dinner Rituals


Are you cranky or perhaps tired after a long day of work? I’m sure most parents are and children are NO exception!

We get fuzzy when it comes to dinner time too (for instance, I usually sit in a car seat for about 40min. before we get home to have dinner so, I don’t necessarily want to sit down again, duh!).

Yet I love it when we all come together around the table to enjoy a fabulous meal.

My last dinner was especially great because I got to feed my buddy Elmo! I love spaghetti – hence I didn’t want Elmo to miss out on this delicious supper! My parents started laughing hysterically because I gave them quite a performance – with sound effects (“Nom, Nom!”) and everything!

And this, my dear readers, is what dinner should be all about! A time for family to reconnect. To share laughter and stories while enjoying a precious meal together.

What are your dinner time stories?



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